Nursery Brain Dump

So here it is.  The long awaited nursery inspiration post.  I know.  It’s Christmas come early.  A lot of people have asked me about the nursery, knowing that I must be obsessing about the design, and they’re right.  However, I’ve stayed just a little reserved until we can confirm the baby’s sex.  It’s supposed to be a boy.  That’s what my sonogram doctor told us at 13 weeks.  Which is insanely early to get this information.  And some people have doubts about it’s accuracy.  Including my obgyn doc.  He didn’t have to say it.  I saw it in his eyes.  So who knows.  I prefer to believe that the sonogram doctor is a savant for reading baby sexes, but I’m also mentally prepared for the off-chance that he was wrong.  We have a second ultrasound in 2 weeks, so hopefully we get confirmation one way or the other.   And then I will dive into the nursery plans with reckless abandon.  You will be sorry you ever asked because it will be all that I talk about.

In the meantime, here is a nursery brain dump. Geared towards a boy, but covering a bunch of stuff that will remain the same regardless of the sex.  For starters, we painted. Actually, although Jeff helped, he’d probably like to exempt himself from have any part in it.  Because he might hate the color.  Or maybe not hate, but he’s not quite on board.  Someone who’s on board doesn’t say “this color…it’s burning my retinas.”.  Someone who’s on board doesn’t say “are…you….sure about this color?”  while making the who farted? face.  But it’s ok, because the fabulous thing about him is that he trusts me.  He believes that I’ll make it work.  I love the color…although I will admit that it’s a whole lot of look.  I had been searching for the perfect nursery paint color and trying out lots of different neutrals.  And then one day last week, I did a complete attitude flip and decided, if you can’t blow it out in the nursery, where can you blow it out?  So I switched gears and started a new search for something louder, with more personality.  Enter, Simply Seafoam (by Valsper).  You may be thinking, seafoam is a muted washed out green (because that’s actually how I think of seafoam) but this ain’t your momma’s seafoam:

Here’s another, wider shot:

It’s basically a light turquoise with a lot of punch to it.  I’d be lying if I said I didn’t at least see where Jeff’s coming from with his doubts, but I know in the end it will all make sense.  It really is very pretty and reminds me of the ocean.  Also, a color this vibrant pops so nicely against white trim and wood floors.  So, what accent colors do I plan to bring in?  Let me answer your question with a question – are you interested in a photoshoot of pillows?  I knew it…

I already own these pillows, and I’m not sure I’ll actually end up using them in the nursery,  but I love the citrusy colors with the SS (meaning Simply Seafoam, keep up). Especially that yellow.  I think I’ll definitely use all 3 as pops of color, along with a lot of neutrals to help reign in the SS and keep it from coming off too girly or over the top.

Moving on to furniture, I have a second hand dresser to bring up from VA that I’m going to paint (sorry no pics, it’s currently surrounded and buried in my parent’s garage, accessible only by tying a rope to the ceiling and repelling down on it like Spider Man) and use for both storage and as a changing table. Also in good ol’ Virginia is my rocker, which I found at an antique store for $45.

Sorry the pic is not glamorous, it’s taken in the aforementioned garage with a camera phone.  But hopefully you can see it’s potential.  I plan to freshen up the white paint and reupholster the seat cushion.  I know it’s technically meant to be a porch rocker, but I’ve seen lots of cool examples of bringing outdoor furniture inside, plus I think the lines of this chair are modern and interesting.

For a side table next to the rocker, I did a little dumpster diving.  Well, not really, but I did swoop this up from the end of my neighbors drive way.  Their trash is my treasure:

It needs some love, and the paint is bubbled and chipping, but that’s all fixable.  I had to have it as soon I saw those legs (insert me doing the cat call whistle)

I heart spindles.  Speaking of spindles, meet Jenny Lind:

We haven’t purchased yet, but I own it in my heart. I love how the crib will complement my salvaged side table. Here’s a picture of the same crib in brown, to give you an easier look at the spindley goodness (it’s a bit hard to pick up on camera in the white finish)

To wrap up, here’s a couple inspiration pictures I pinned….both demonstrate a similar wall color.  The second image is my obsession, there are a lot of ideas I want to steal even though that nursery belongs to a girl (check out more pics of this space here)

I’ll definitely be back with progress and details as this room comes together.  In the meantime, and so you’ll feel better about any mess you might have in your house, just know that the nursery currently looks like this:

Just keepin’ it real people.

Nursery inspiration pictures from here and here.




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4 responses to “Nursery Brain Dump

  1. Kathy

    I love the color, I think it will look great. BTW thanks for outing our garage :o!
    My disclaimer – it’s Ken’s garage, I have no say it it’s state.

  2. I cannot wait to see it all finished!!!

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