It’s a Gift Guide!

Woop.  I’m pretty excited about this post.  It was fun to write and hopefully will be fun to read.  I decided to throw together a little gift guide for anyone out there in need of some inspiration.  Obviously it’s geared towards gifting women, because, well..I’m a woman, and I generally find buying for men to be only slightly easier than hacking into a NASA computer.  However, in my defense, a couple of these items could definitely work for a man or woman.  Is this a thinly veiled copy of my personal wish list?  Guilty.  Well, kind of.  Some of the items I already own, so it’s more of a list of things I endorse or want, plus my sales pitch for why I think they’d make great presents.  I tried to hit a bunch of different categories for the type of person you might be buying for, so it can help with any lady you have left on your list, or maybe even give you some ideas for what to ask for.  Oh and, I know I flaked last week and didn’t post, so I’ll be making that up tomorrow.  Check back for some Christmas decorating updates.  Without further ado, here’s my gift guide (with every item checking in at under $100, most items far below it):

1. For the Pregnant Girl

Pea in the Pod Leggings
Shocker, I know, that I’m starting off with the pregnant girl.  I just couldn’t help myself considering these leggings have changed my life over the past week.  I’d love to send a pair to every pregnant lady in the world from secret santa.  My love for these leggings is three fold.  Fold 1: They’re nice and thick, meaning minimal see through factor even when you sit  or stretch in them.  Fold 2: They’re crazy comfortable, like not wearing pants at all, and, Fold 3 – Unlike other maternity leggings (and pretty much all maternity pants in general) these don’t ride down as you wear them.  At all.  Zero hiking up, zero adjusting.  So if you happen to have a pregnant woman to buy for, or you are a pregnant woman – these are the perfect gift.  And they’re currently buy 1 get 1 half off.  Can’t beat that with a stick.

2. For the Home Decor/DIY Enthusiast Girl
Inspiration Books
Obviously there’s plenty of amazing home decor/DIY books out there, but I just picked a few that have come out recently and are on my radar.  I would be remiss if I didn’t start off with the reigning king and queen of DIY blogging.  There is no other source from which I draw more inspiration than John and Sherry.  As you can see, I refer to them in regular conversation as ‘John and Sherry’, like we’re friends.  So why don’t I own their book yet?  Good question, I don’t know why.  I’d love it as a Christmas gift.  My second choice comes from Ana White and her empire of carpentry, blogging and being obnoxiously beautiful.  Seriously she’s super hero status in my mind.  I’m in awe of her skills, so I’m sure her book is a worthy read. A couple other choices to round out the list: Sabrina Soto Home Design, and Jonathan Adler 100 ways to Happy Chic Your Life

PS elements
Photoshop Elements
I’ve heard that this JV version has a lot of the same functionality as regular photoshop, at a way more manageable price tag.  That is if you’re interested in saving $630. Which, maybe you’re not, I don’t know your life.  If you’ve never touched any version of photoshop, don’t be scared.  There are plenty of tutorials and videos available online…even just by searching ‘photoshop elements’ on pinterest, you’ll find a wealth of information.  So get your photo editing on, or create professional looking art projects.  This software is the only thing on my gift guide that I actually requested for Christmas, so if Santa’s good to me, I’ll be able to report back with (hopefully) a rave review.


Kreg Jig
I’ve never heard a bad thing said about this miracle tool.  If you’re not familiar, it’s basically a system for joining wood with pocket hole screws, that’s better and far easier than traditional methods.  One of the best features is that the pocket holes are hidden on the inside of whatever piece you’re building, avoiding the need to hide finishing nails.  I’ve only built one wood project – our mantle – but I can tell  you that hiding finishing nails is not that easy, even with stainable wood filler.  Even if you’re not in the market to build furniture, there are a lot of small and easy projects that you can whip up with the kreg jig.  Book shelves, picture ledges, frames, etc.  I’m recommending the Kreg Jig Jr., because it’s inexpensive and probably a nice baby step for beginners.  I received junior as a birthday present, but haven’t had the opportunity to try it out yet.  Again, will report back.

3. For the Stylish Girl

La Mer for Target Wrap Watch
I already bought this watch as a Christmas gift to myself from myself.  I’m so thoughtful.  I’m actually not really a watch person, but this pretty lady converted me.  I love the way it wraps and the integrated bracelets.  It’s a layered look that only requires putting on one piece of jewelry.  Win-win. It comes in several different colors, I opted for the one above because it’s so neutral, I can wear it every day with any outfit.
Urban Decay Naked Eye Palette
I don’t own it, but like the Kreg Jig, I’ve only heard rave reviews of this product.  It’s supposed to be a set of universally flattering eye shadows.  I remember one makeup artist writing on her blog that she was amazed at how wearable all the shades were.  Being born part albino, my fair skin can’t stand up to too much slap, but I hear that all of these colors are surprisingly neutral – even the scary ones (I’m looking at you, dark blue).  It comes in 2 versions, the original, and Naked 2.
Collar Necklace
It wouldn’t be Christmas without something sparkly.   I love statement jewelry, and the collar necklace is such a cute way to upgrade an outfit.  In the words of Michael Scott, they’re the essence of class and fanciness.  Pair it with a simple top or dress, and you’re instantly ready to party. Pictured above.  Also pretty: this one, and this one.

4. For the Techy Girl (or Guy!)

Brookstone iPad Case with Wireless Keyboard
I don’t have an iPad, but if I did, I’d love to find this under the tree.  I’ve seen it in person, and it’s really nice.  The case itself is easy to use and flip, seems durable, plus it comes in an array of sassy colors.  And the convenience of a wireless bluetooth keyboard (which you can remove from the case when you’re not using it) seems like it would be awesome, especially for someone (like me) who doesn’t love doing extensive typing on a touch screen. Oh and, the keyboard isn’t silicone like some others I’ve seen.  It’s a full legitimate keyboard with real-click keys.

5.  For the Girl with Kids

The Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm
Obviously this would be for a mom with younger kids – or even for a lady with a kid on the way.  I saw this book at a boutique in Washington, VA when me and Jeff were on an anniversary getaway.  I was thisclose to buying it, although I’m glad I didn’t because it’s way cheaper on amazon.  But it was hard to resist – because it’s a stunner.  It’s big – like an encyclopedia of fairy tales, filled with drop dead gorgeous illustrations.  Every one of them could be ripped out and put behind glass as an art piece (not that you would do that).  Any mom would appreciate this beautiful book.  I want it.  Bad.  Fine, I’ll give you a preview of some of the illustrations (thanks to amazon):

6. For the Chefy Girl
milk jar measuring cups
Anthropologie Milk Jar Measuring Cups
I own this item, and I love it because it’s functional and a charming addition to leave out and dress up your counter top.

cake stand
Threshold for Target Beaded Serveware
This cake stand has been batting it’s eyelashes at me the past several times I’ve been to Target.  I love the simple design with the added bead texture for interest.  It somehow seems both casual and fancy at the same time, so you could use it year round, or save it for special occasions.  And it’s a whole series of items – there’s a gravy boat, a candy dish, a bowl, a compartments dish,  and a 2-tier serving stand.

7. For Any Girl
Loft Sleep Sets
Pajamas are a pretty classic Christmas present, and Loft has some great options for sale.  I already bought the coral set (above) and may go back for more.  They’re cute and comfortable, and I figure it’s always nice to have something to wear to bed that isn’t a ratty t-shirt and the same pants you would wear to the gym.  Because let’s be honest, you don’t just wear pajamas to bed, if you’re like me, you probably put them on a couple hours before bed for maximum relaxation.  I think any lady would be happy to open this gift, and at $20 it’s a pretty sweet deal.



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5 responses to “It’s a Gift Guide!

  1. Becca

    (1) I have Naked 2 and it is fantastic. Great purchase and it has lasted me 6 months already! And this girls wears a lot of eye makeup.

    (2) Do you think a girl that ate a lot over the holidays could also benefit from these no-sag-leggings? Just a thought/hope!

    (3) Great gift list! That sparkly collar wants me to wear it!!

  2. Haha becca I love my friends b/c you are the second one to ask that question about the leggings. My answer: buy them, you won’t regret it. Good to know about naked 2, like i said, i’ve never heard a bad review so i think i might need it

  3. Loooooove ths!! Lots of great ideas except one… Number 7 is completely FALSE. Not for any girl. Those pjs are made for Jenny rose. They would be capris on me. I’m surprised you don’t have to get them hemmed. They’re a great deal and super adorable… If you don’t have to shop at the big and tall for men store (which, luckily I don’t but I might as well).
    The rest of the ideas… Fantastic!

  4. Kathy

    Love some of these for me too

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