Christmas Mantle

What?  I said I would post today, and it’s still today.  I even have a few hours to spare.  Don’t be mad.  As promised, here’s a look at our holiday decor…shall we check out the mantle?  We shall.


As you may note, I followed pretty much the same exact road map as our fall mantle.  Star on the right, vases on the left, round objects flanking the mirror.  What can I say?  It’s a formula that works so I’m milking it.  I also went with a pretty traditional style.  I absolutely love all the cool and funky ways people are reinventing Christmas decorations.  I would usually be the first one to insert loud pops of color, or to incorporate some modern touches.  But Christmas for me always feels like it should be lots of neutrals, metallics, evergreen and woodsy accents.  It just makes me feel cozy inside.

For pulling this look together, I tried to use stuff that we already own.  A lot of the items, like the wreaths, are actually from our wedding.  Which hopefully explains the banner…don’t worry, I didn’t get ripped off at a Christmas discount store.  The ‘A’ instead of ‘E’ is purposeful, it hung in our reception hall since we had a Christmasy wedding.  I could change it back to an E, but I kind of love the idea of resurrecting it every Christmas and remembering our big day.

I had the golden star on hand.  Don’t ask me why.  I think it’s safe to say my weaknesses in life are stars, mirrors, and stars made of mirrors.  Let’s go for some detail shots:




The pine cones are the ones I originally made for my fall garland.  I did go out and by the evergreen bunches at AC Moore.  But they were cheap and I”ll reuse them each year.

I also caved and bought the tin bucket from Target.  Faux bois was invovled, it’s not my fault.  And because I’m weird, I will also offer a lengthy explanation on the wood.  I always notice in magazines that the wood stacked next to the fireplace is pretty and photo shoot ready.  The logs we have on hand are not so nice.  They’re the color of – no other way to describe it – poop. They look like we dragged them up from the bottom of a swamp.  So I was thrilled when I discovered that Wegman’s carries bags of lovely white birch logs, perfect for people like me who are psychos about the color and aesthetics of their wood.  Thankfully, 1 bag filled my bucket and it was only $6.  For me, that’s a Christmas miracle .  I tossed in a couple of battery powered light strings to polish things off.


So that’s my mantle.  I love it, It makes me wanna curl up and take a Christmas slumber.  Feel free to send me pics or your holiday mantle, I love comparing notes.



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3 responses to “Christmas Mantle

  1. Janet

    Nice! In case you haven’t already thought of it….when your construction is done, get an outlet put right at the end of your mantle. And maybe even one down near the hearth……in case you want to decorate with lights in the future.

  2. Beautiful! I love it! And you take such good pics. You should write a post on that- your camera and some tips and tricks.

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