Renovations, Stage 1: Dunzo.

Aaaand we’re back!  I know my last renovation update was quite a while ago, but the up side for you is that from last post to this post, we have time traveled through a whole lot of in between to get to the money shots of a finished project.  Well, technically not completely finished, but finished enough to be dramatic.  The in between was boring and chaotic, you didn’t miss much.  We experienced the joy of moving everything out of our house (except the basement, but that’s still pretty much everything), sleeping on a mattress on the floor in said basement, and dealing with some seriously stinky fumes following the floor refinishing.  Plus the general randomness of various contractors and subcontractors roaming the house from day to day.  One morning I woke up to no less than 10 men and 1 dog.  His name was Butter and he was wearing a hard hat.  Just  kidding, there was a dog, but I only wish he was wearing a hard hat.  Anyways, I think I’ll start by making myself a  liar and showing you a little bit of the in between.  Here we are after the raw wood was laid in living room #2 and the kitchen (also they had to weave in wood where the dividing wall had been):

And then after some of the drywall finishing was complete:
Now for the time traveling:
Bam.  Aren’t the floors glorious?  We had every inch of existing hardwood sanded down, and then all the new and old wood restained with a nice glossy finish.  I would have loved to stain them dark as the night, but pretty much every person in the United States warned us that very dark wood floors are terribly hard to keep clean.  Apparently, the darker the wood, the more dust and dirt shows.  So we compromised and went for a medium brown.  All the furniture you see will change as we upgrade (we already have a new sectional and dining table on order) but let’s talk layout.  Starting with the above view, as you pan to the left, what was living room #1, remains, well, the living room.  We have changed the direction of the couch so that when you walk through the front door, the seating area is open and inviting:
It will be more inviting once we have nicer furniture and decor, but in the meantime, you are still invited.  Panning to the right, living room #2 will now serve as our dining space:
Our new table will have seating for 6, including an awesome bench which my husband is building himself (!true story).  Right now we have a little pygmy table sort of randomly placed, the new table will probably be positioned farther away from the couch.  There will be plenty of room to walk between the two, and we’ll hang a chandelier to anchor the dining space.  Both ‘rooms’ open  to the kitchen:
I can’t tell you how cool it is to eat, lounge, and cook in essentially one huge room.  Walls are for the birds, I’m totally sold on open concept.  Off the kitchen is our old dining room, which will now become a multi-functional home office/play room/guest room thanks to a new sleeper sofa:
It’s already full of random junk, but eventually we’ll whip it into shape.  Also, as you can see, we’re missing a couple door casings and need trim work throughout.  All in good time.  Here’s a view from the kitchen:
Oooop.  I have just revealed out dirty little secret.  We upgraded the tv and this happened:
Is it huge enough to see from space? Yes.  A 65 incher to be exact.  Would many (or most) people consider it over the top, possibly even a tacky eye sore?  Probably.  But, what can I tell you.  I am my father’s daughter.  And if you know Ken, you know that if he likes 5 things, 3 of them are big TVs.  It’s in my blood.  I should hate it from a decor perspective, I should. But I don’t.  I know the whole situation beneath the TV is made of nightmares, but we’ll be cleaning it up, hiding the wires in the wall, and bringing in a handsome piece of media furniture.  Even if you hate the giant black box, I will make it my mission to win you over by making that area as charming as possible.

Behind that wall is our entryway:
Which needs a makeover (like every other space) including replacing and relocating that light fixture – as it is now, it hangs past our TV wall which doesn’t make sense, so we’ll move it deeper in and closer to the door.  Add it to the unending to-do list.  Speaking of upcoming projects, now that our kitchen is all exposed, we’re itching to remodel.  And by itcing, I mean we’ve already purchased new cabinets.  It’s happening.  In March, so stay tuned.  Might I interest you in a sneak peak? I might.






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5 responses to “Renovations, Stage 1: Dunzo.

  1. it is gorgeousssssssssssss!!! i love it! sdkfjsklfjsdlfkdflkj!!!

  2. jessica

    PLEASE could you put a chandelier similar to this in your dining room: …..i REALLY need to live vicariously through you……

    • Ahh yeah. Those are cool. I’ve even seen similar ones at lowes and home depot. Unfortunately, we already bought our chandy. Just waiting to install it when the table comes so we can center it correctly. Why do u have to live vicariously, put that puppy in your house!

  3. Ken

    Well, I may love big screens, but mine’s only 55-inches! It’s not good to one-up your Dad!

  4. Kathy

    I love the floors and the new openest. Beautiful! Can’t wait to see it in person.

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