About af

Apartment Fever is about being a renter and working with what ya got. It’s about learning all the tricks that the real DIY experts already know.  I am NOT like other home decor bloggers.  I like to think I’m the Bridget Jones of all those people – very imperfect and clumsy.  But as I stumble through and learn the ropes, hopefully I can share some good tips with other newbies.

For the most part I will stick to format and cover topics relating to home decor.  But once a week, I’ll mix things up and go off topic to address some other things I’m interested in and passionate about (cooking, photography, fashion, etc).  I’m calling this Casual Friday, b/c it’s the day where your boss lets you loosen up a little.  People that read my blog are definitely my boss b/c if no one read it, it wouldn’t be fun to write.  So stay tuned…it will be like the Dum Dum lollipop that just says ‘Mystery’ on the wrapper.  All you know is it’s candy, and you might hate it*

*Apartment Fever not responsible for analogies that don’t make sense.


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